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27th January 2015

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Whilst browsing Reddit over the last couple of days, (the place a lot of my blog inspiration comes from), I noticed that there seems to be a few accessories for your Apple products that would probably raise a few eyebrows in Dragon’s Den. However, as ridiculous as they may seem, these products exist, and some of them seem to be doing pretty well. Here are the top three Apple accessories that I have found on Reddit this week:

iPhone accessories

The iPhone lifejacket:

At first this product seemed a bit ridiculous to me. But, the more I have looked at it, and read other people’s comments, the more it makes sense. This piece of kit will set you back around $40, but that’s a lot less than the damage that could be caused by drowning your iPhone. The lifejacket is not waterproof, so you would have to get a waterproof case separately, but the LifeProof lifejacket will stop your phone from sinking, which is pretty important if you’re into sailing, kayaking, or even just lounging around in a jacuzzi, and you like to have your phone on hand.

Lapka- taking being aware of your environment to an extreme:

Ever wondered how much radiation is in the air around you? Been out for a meal and wondered how organic your steak was? Wanted to know the humidity in case your hair might frizz? Well this little set of beautiful designed tools can tell you all that, and more. Incorporating a Geiger counter, electromagnetic field meter (EMF), humidity and temperature gauge, and an organic meter, these little blocks are designed to make you more aware of the world around you, and how it could be affecting you and your family. The associated App stores your readings, so you can keep track of what you are being exposed to on a daily basis. I am sure there will be more meters added to the collection over the years. The set will cost you around $220, and if you’re into science and being more aware of your surroundings, I guess it’s worth it. The designers of Lapka said the look they were aiming for was “YSL meets NASA” and personally I think they have pulled this off beautifully.

A $15million yacht that can be controlled by your iPad? I kid you not…

And now for the most extravagant accessory that possibly will ever exist. I already thought it was pretty amazing that remote controlled helicopters can be used with an iPad, but this really does take the biscuit. The stunningly designed superyacht can be controlled by an iPad up to 50 metres away! Looking like something that has just come out of Star Trek, this really is the ultimate gadget.

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(I am not sure whether any of this technology is available in the UK yet, all the prices I can seem to find are in dollars)

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